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Southampton Village
Located in the village of Southampton this house was a small ranch in the 60's style.  The revonation maintained the charming nature of the original homes built in this area:  classic shingle-style Cape Cod.  The interior details are all work that was built on site by in-house craftsmen.  It was purchased because it is situated directly behind an estate home of the new owner.  He added this home to his estate so that he could enjoy his family as his brood expanded into a 3rd generation. 
Historic Westhampton Beach

This home is located in the estate section of Westhampton Beach, NY.  The original main house was constructed in the mid-1800's for the Henry Cabot Lodge family.  Though it has seen its share of renovatoins and additions, the original structure remains as it was built.  This was a restoration / renovation and it was truly one of the most satisfying projects I have ever done. Historical preservation that is another of my passions.  These kind of projects are far and few between, so I considered it a rare opportunity to  engage in a project of this scope.  In the followling portofolio of this home you will see a Chinese Pagoda that was constructed poolside.  I had the absolute pleasure of designing and constructing it.  The town prerequisites were attention to original scale and no nails!  The construction techique is a complete interlock system.  The skeleton you see is the finished product!

Brash Residence
This home was designed by the architectural firm of "Smith & Thompson, AIA" for Steven & Lillian Brash, a project that they had been envisioning for 20 years.  They built this house as their ultimate retirement residence in the Hamptons.  The front of the house, which to many seems very unassuming and traditional is the only part of the original structure kept in the blueprints.  While they were very attached emotionally to the house it did not serve their purposes.  So with a great architectural firm in place my company was able to help them achieve their dream home.  This home was featured in Smith & Thompson's book of architecture. 
Stillwaters - Westhampton Beach

This home is located in the Stillwaters of Westhampton Beach, NY. The house was considered the hallmark of contemporary architecture when it was constructed in the early 1980's.  What is pictured here is a complete restoration of the original house as it was built.  One of the only features that was inplemented was the use of cypress siding in lieu of the traditional cedar materials that were widely in use at that time.  The cypress used in this project was shipped directly from the sawmill in New Orleans to the site.

The interior was completely redone under the eye of its current owner and includes a modern kitchen cabinet and design that was selected for the cover of "Kitchens & Baths" magazine.

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